For  nearly 55 years, SRVS (pronounced serves) has been at the forefront of providing services for people with disabilities and bringing peace of mind to their families. SRVS exceptional care for the people it supports provides family caregivers the flexibility to work and gives them the ability to balance other responsibilities.

SRVS offers the most comprehensive disabilities services solutions in West Tennessee under one roof. Services include residential, employment, clinical and learning center services. We now provide children's services through our  SRVS Kids & Families program. We also offer elder and adult care. We are also a cost-effective alternative to institutional care.

SRVS is a nonprofit, United Way of the Mid-South partner agency. Since our beginning on November 1, 1962, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to helping the people we serve have the best possible quality of life. We offer comprehensive care through a supportive environment that strengthens both families and communities. Our programs incorporate job training,  community employment placement, participation in community activities, family support, residential living, a daytime learning center for skills development utilizing the self-directed Montessori approach, children's services and more.

SRVS is proud to be a leader in providing innovative, person-centered supports for people with disabilities.