The SRVS Story: Celebrating 50 years of Service!

SRVS is an organization that supports children and adults with disabilities. 1962 was a pivotal year in the development of the Sheltered Occupational Shop (now SRVS Industries), SRVS oldest program. It was founded by parents in November of that year to provide a sheltered work environment in which individuals with developmental disabilities can earn a competitive wage while learning valuable job skills, as well as build a strong work ethic and promote their self-confidence and self-esteem. Through bean dinners, a house-to-house fundraising drive, petitions and working with different social clubs and organizations, enough money was raised to open the doors of SOS on November 1, 1962.

The early 1970's marked another big advancement in services to people with mental retardation in Memphis. In 1971, the first group home for people with mental retardation was founded at the Old Kennedy Hospital, now the University of Memphis South Campus by MARC (Memphis-Shelby County Association for Retarded Children). In 1973, MARC Adult Activity Center was founded for people who required more intensive services.

In 1980, MARC Adult Activity Center and MARC House, Inc., merged to become MARC Services, Inc. MARC Services then acquired a number of smaller housing agencies. MARC Services and SOS Industries merged in July 1983 to SRVS.

The late 1980's and early 1990's brought a number of new programs to SRVS. The Children & Youth Department now known as Community Living ICF was formed to house children with severely physical and mental disabilities. Employment Concepts began finding community jobs for people with disabilities and the Family Support program works to provide assistance to families of people with disabilities.

Today, SRVS supports individuals throughout all of our programs. We are the largest provider of comprehensive services to people with disabilities such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy and autism in Tennessee. SRVS celebrates 50 years of service to people with disabilities.

We provide a variety of services including Community Living Residential Services, SRVS Industries Workshop, Community Employment Services, Vocational Training and Job Placement Program, Learning Center, the Family Support Program, Community Participation, SRVS Kids and Families, Clinical Services and Elderly and Adult Disability Services.