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Autism Insurance Bills Deserve Support

Two bills have been introduced in the 108th Tennessee General Assembly that would require all insurances companies in the state to cover families who have children on the autism spectrum. 

SRVS encourages concerned individuals to contact their legislators and urge passage of the legislation.  Autism affects one in 88 children and is the nation’s fastest growing developmental disability, according to Autism Speaks. 

State Sen. Jim Kyle, D-Memphis and State Sen. Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville filed similar bills in the Senate in mid-February. Their joint bill is SB 1286, which also has Lt. Gov. and Speaker of the Senate Ron Ramsey among co-sponsors. 

The Senate bill was referred to the Commerce and Labor Committee on Feb. 25. HB 1265, a House  autism insurance bill sponsored by Rep. Kevin Brooks, R-Cleveland, was assigned to the Insurance & Banking sub-committee on Feb. 26. To date, no vote has been taken on either bill. 

 Currently 34 states, with Arkansas and Mississippi among them, require insurance coverage of autism. 

Posted by SRVS News at 2:13 PM
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