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SRVS/Tipton Satellite Holds Grand Opening

SRVS/Tipton Enhanced Learning Center held its grand opening on Wednesday, November 20, in Covington, TN.

SRVS staff, board members, family of people supported and community members came to view the improved learning center and to hear about the programs offered by SRVS. Community members enjoyed meeting staff, seeing renovations and eating a light lunch.

SRVS had a short program with words from SRVS Executive Director Tyler Hampton, Learning Center Manager Ginny Oceguera, SRVS Board Chairwoman Laura Tumminello and person supported Floyd Columbus. SRVS agency video was also shown.

After the program, attendees were able to see the different classrooms set up with the Montessori style of teaching. They were able to get a sense of what the people supported would be learning in each classroom.

SRVS Learning Center Manager Ginny Oceguera, a long-time Covington resident, was excited about the opportunity to show off the center.

β€œI am excited to get in on the ground floor and see SRVS grow and blossom in Tipton County,” said Oceguera. β€œIt brings me great pride to be a part of such a wonderful service to my community.”

The Tipton Enhanced Learning Center supports twelve people in Tipton County, and is planning to expand its services in the area within the next few years.

SRVS thanks everyone for coming to the grand opening, and celebrating this milestone for SRVS.

Posted by Amber Hawkins at 3:05 PM
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